Casting Call

Grim: A Tale of Death finally opens its gate to casting.

After 4 long years we are nearly ready to enter the world of the Grim Reapers with physiological & crime centered first episode: Dark Nights.

What Is The Story So Far?

Grim: A Tale of Death (Grim for short) is a fantasy web-series birthed in South Wales. It is a tale of love, life and death placed within the contextual world of the Grim Reapers. The Grim Reaper (Angel of Death) is widely known across many cultures and religions as the personification of death and guides the souls of those who have recently died to the afterlife… or the underworld.

Our story focuses on what happens in-between these guided trips. The stories these beings encounter in the in-between realm.


The first episode, Dark Nights, circles around the notion that we as human beings are constantly being surveyed by the watchful eyes of the government. Our privacy is constantly breached and for a lot of us, there’s nothing that we can really do about it. ‘Dark Nights’ takes a look at what happens when the digital world of the humans is brought into the Reaper Realm, where the world of the Reapers is illuminated by candle light, and messages are written onto parchment paper. The results are not great.

Grim has been in the works for almost 4 years now, created as a 10 minute short film it is now a 240 minute web series, well for the first volume anyway. The world of Grim is rich with layers of Reaper history, a political system among the elders, a division of working districts, laws and orders, races of different creatures, cultures, beliefs and a way of life. We really wanted to establish a fully functional fictional world, like Middle Earth or the world of Harry Potter.

The Roles

Unfortunately, not one position on this project is paid as the series is being placed online for everyone to watch for free. Everybody on board is helping voluntarily, from the extras to the director.

We understand if you are only looking for paid work and wish to turn back now.

If you do still want to take part, here’s what we can give you.

• We will be shooting in 4.5k resolution. If you are familiar with working on films that use DSLR’s or similar cameras you will know that when in video mode they give a maximum resolution of 1080p, and if you have tried to pause that footage to print screen a still, you’ll know the results aren’t that great. As we are shooting at 4.5k this will effectively allow us to extract any frame from the captured footage with photo quality. This will give us an endless range of professional photographs to reward you with.

• An IMDb credit.

• An on-set head shot.

• And of course your highlights reel from the episode.

We don’t want to promise you with notion of “this will get you exposure” or something along those lines that you may so often see in unpaid casting calls. However we do have a committed fan base of nearly 20,000 viewers on YouTube, and 5,000 fans spread across Facebook & Twitter. We have been featured in the Welsh National Newspaper, we have appeared on Canadian Radio, we were selected to attend the Marseille WebFest and most recently we had a small segment about the project which aired on Rai Uno, Italy’s biggest television channel. We would like to think that with an already established audience who are eager to see anything to do with our project, we would have great exposure, but that is something we can hope for, not something we will falsely promise.


4K vs 1080p

How To Audition For A Role

If this sounds good to you, and you want to be a part of the ever expanding Grim universe. Here is how you can get involved.

You will need to send us your show reel and fill in the application below. Alternatively if you do not have a showreel you can record a monologue and send that over. The monologue is entirely of your choice, be it your own work or a monologue from another film/play. If you would like to submit multiple audition tapes to display your range of English dialects, then that is even better!

You do not need a professional video camera to record the audition, the camera on your phone will suffice. However, here are some tips to capture better footage if you are using your phone or a webcam.

  1. If you are wearing a light coloured top, make sure the background you are against is dark. Likewise if you are wearing a dark top, make sure the background is light so you do not blend into the wall.
  2. Do not sit or stand against the window as you will become a silhouette.
  3. Make sure you a positioned in the center of the frame and your head is fully in the composition.
  4. Make sure all other electronics are turned off so they do not interfere with the sound.

Once you have recorded the video. Upload it to YouTube or another video sharing platform, fill in your details and pop the video link in the box below. If you would like to attach the video file to an e-mail, send that as well as the information asked for below to

The casting call will close in one month on the 21st of April 2014.

We will be filming within and around the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff area, therefore it would be of a huge help if you are from these areas.

Roles Available:

Waid – Waid is episode #1’s lead villain. We require someone to portray a commanding and threatening presence with very little action and/or without being physically strong and butch. Much like Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones or Julian Richings as Death in Supernatural. Both characters demand on screen authority, yet for a lot of their screen time they are sitting down. – Males, aged 50 to 80 from Cardiff, United Kingdom

Control Reapers x2 – We have two heavily featured roles for Reapers that monitor the welfare of the realm. You’ll be required for six scenes, and both Reapers die a bloody death.

Dax, Havan & Dallen. 3 Reapers, who appear throughout the episode with a dozen lines. These reapers are series regulars and will be featured throughout the first volume. – Males/Females, aged 18-30 From Cardiff.

If you’re just starting out in acting and you’re looking for anything and everything to get your showreel started, you can still apply as we have a handful of walk on and extra roles.

Episode 1 2014 Update #2 There and Back Again
Episode 1 2014 Update #2
There and Back Again